Date : 2019/02/18
Elegance Collection
 Model No : 365303
Ariadne Elegance Collection
In Greek mythology, Ariadne was the daughter of Minos, King of Crete. She helped Theseus to escape the Labyrinth by supplying him with threads used to navigate the tangled passages. Finally, she married the god, Dionysus and received a crown of seven stars which became a constellation in the heavens. Her intelligent and tender care his expressed in the design of Sultana watch collection, Ariadne.

“Ariadne” collection is a bangle watch. The design concept of the collection is inspired by her saving story in related to thread. The watch case features a dial with Swarovski crystals, oversize numerals and a few “threads” flying on the dial. The watch is very feminine and exclusively for ladies.
Case : Stainless Steel
Case Back:
Size : Ladies
Dimension : (3-9H) 25mm
Bracelet : Stainless Steel
Crown : Stainless Steel
Buckle : Jewelry Type (Stainless Steel)
Dial : Light Pink
Crystal : Sapphire
Water Resistance : 30M
Movement : Swiss Made Quartz
Functions : Hours & Minutes
Remarks : 1 Additional Easy-Changeable Leather Strap
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